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Realize your worth

In the last few weeks of 2019 I was working with some German Home Stagers in my new 1 : 1 Coaching Program. They were struggling  with getting new clients. They where trapped in self-doubt and they needed to set up a strategy to win new clients and make their business successful.

Now, whether it’s getting the dream clients that they deserve or overcoming their shame from Akquisation failures in the past, after the Coaching Program they could start well prepared into the new 2020.

The big goal of the Program was: Know your client. Know yourself. Know your worth!

And this is what we covered in 9 modules:

  • Your Dream client – Your Avatar
  • Time management, Organisation & Productivity
  • Networking & Akquisation with Xing & LinkedIn
  • Editorial Planning & Marketing plan for 2020
  • How to create Marketing materials with Canva
  • How to successfully handle a customer meeting – the ultimate step-by-step guide
  • Branding and Positioning – build your visibility
  • Your Dream Client – how to sell without „Selling“
  • Final strategy & helpful Tools

I truly believe, that never before my clients have been working on all these topics with so much motivation.

But there is THE ONE BIG TOPIC, that is a challenge for all my clients, no matter where they are in their business: Getting more clients, more orders.

Are you in the same situation? Do you also ask yourself:

  • How do I sell my offerings
  • How do I talk to my client in a customers meeting, f. ex when I meet a realtor
  • How do I win this customer and how can I get more Orders 
  • and finally: what shall I charge for my packages; I feel uncertain about my prices


I believe with all my heart, that you deserve, to be successful in your business and you deserve to get paid for your time and your talent. Here I want to share my best learnings and tipps with you from over 5 years in Home Staging Business and over 20 years in Marketing & Sales.

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The major error

It is a major error to believe that you need a natural talent to be successful in selling your services. And just because you believe you don’t have that talent you have self-doubts and you’ve lost sight of your worth.

But this belief is totally wrong! To sell your services with success you don’t need to be an extroverted sales hero.

The most important aspect is, to exactly know the needs of your customer, to exactly know his daily challenges in his business too, to understand how he „ticks“ – and last, but not least: you need to know your worth!

In my coaching program, I have dedicated the first module to this topic, as it is essential and a basis for all further decisions in your business.

For sure, there are many ways to learn „selling“. You can join Sales Coaching courses, Sales trainings or workshops with role plays. But first of all you should know your own worth, and if should feel that worth and feel confident with it. So here is what you need to commit to: 

Know your worth! Believe in yourself and in your talent!


Selling is a process and I show you how this process works:

1. Your customer has a problem and you are able to offer a solution, that will help solving his problem.

2. He still has some doubts and concerns, and you need to bring some good arguments to convince your customer.

3. He makes his decision.


How to be a good "salesperson"

As a passionate entrepreneur you know that selling our services can be magic, if you understand why people buy! It is a totally emotional process: Buying IS Emotion!

Your customer never buys your services, because you are so engaged to present all the features of your packages. And he doesn’t buy, because your last projects where so beautiful Staging Projects. He doesn’t buy because of your perfect organisations skills and the team behind you.

The ONLY reason why he gives you an order and buys a Home Staging package from you is, when he sees a clear benefit for himself and his business.

Here is what you should know to be a good „salesperson“ as a Home Stager!

To guide your potential customer on the way to a Home Staging project for you ( .. and I’m sure, you want that project), you should first of all understand his problems and his challenges. Ask yourself, what are the difficulties your customer is actually faceing, what are his major problems in his business or in his market. If you know that, you can think about a solutions, that ONLY YOU can offer. You can prepare yourself with some fitting answers before you go into your meeting with your customer.

Ask him straight away, f. ex about the actual market situation, how he evaluates it and how it affects his business. Let him talk without too much interruption and listen carefully. Then, without even noticing it, he will tell you everything about his business, his challenges and what he struggling with.

And now that’s your game: use all the arguments, you have thought about before your meeting. Mention all the problems he has talked about and explain to him, that you might have a solution. Don’t use the words: “ You said that you have a problem with xy, I can offer you my package 1,2 or 3 to solve that problem“. Instead, use the following wording: “ You mentioned to have a problem with xy, maybe I have a solution for you. If you like I can tell you more about what I think can help you.“

Explain him in a kind of step-by-step guide, how you would solve his problem and how he would benefit from your solution.

Now that your customer knows all his benefits and all your arguments could swipe away his concerns, he will surely have a positive feeling – and will give you a try.

Now that you have an idea, how to talk to your potential customer I want again to remind you, that it is all about to know your worth.

If you know your worth, you will have the self-confidence to convince your customer with your expertise. You will feel very comfortable to talk about prices, although you should not talk about concrete prices in the first meeting.

When I had a meeting with a new customer in the past, they always asked me: „How much will that cost?“ And I always offered them to visit the property and serve him with an individual offer, but to give him a basic feeling for prices I mentioned that the prices differ from project to project but will be about 1 – 3 % of the sales price of the property.

If you want to know how more about how to build a communication guideline, follow my Blog here. The next article will give a detailed insight, how to structure your sales communication.

But as a first step, come and get your free ultimate checklist: „10 reasons, why Home Stagers don’t have enough clients and how to avoid these!“

FREE Download: The ultimate checklist - 10 reasons, why you don't have enough clients and how to avoid these

Thanks a lot for reading!

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