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8 creative tips to use in your marketing to attract your dream clients and elevate your visibility

“ Hurry, Hurry…your next Instagram Story should be posted today….and uups, the Facebook Post from your latest project needs to be shared…and wait, there was a direct message from a customer…oh, and your new flyer for the event next weekend needs to be published on your website for download and distributed in your local area“. Puuuh, on your normal working day, this will be impossible. 

Ever felt like being on this nonstop run? 

In an earlier ARTICLE on this blog, I’ve shared with you how a sales process works and what you should keep in mind when talking to your customer.

Today I want to give you some tips on how to improve and organize your Home Staging Marketing to keep your visibility up, boost it, and to stay in touch with your potential and existing customers in these scary times.

Having a marketing strategy as a Home Stager is essential for your visibility, the awareness for your company, and most of all: your client getting process. And I know that many of your colleagues are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to regularly sharing content on Social Media and their Websites. 

In this Blog article, I will share with you why it is important for Home Stagers to have a marketing mix of offline & online marketing, how to get organized, and why it is so essential to share your content regularly.

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place to get some help. You deserve to have a successful Home Staging Business, so you can make a living and I feel dedicated to getting you on the way to this success.

Now you may think: offline AND online marketing is too much for me, I will never be able to realize creating and sharing content regularly.

But don’t worry!

If you’re an entrepreneur with limited time to work on your business you should focus on working smarter not harder. To give you support on this is the goal of this article.

I want to share my best learnings and tips with you from over 5 years in Home Staging Business and over 20 years in Marketing & Sales with you. So stay here reading this article – it will take about 10 minutes of your valuable time and will give you so much more value and insights.


#1 Why you should have a mix of offline & online marketing

Like most other Home Stagers you are working in your local area and it is important to reach awareness and visibility in this area. So you concentrate on local marketing and when a new project comes up, you share some before-and-after photos on Facebook and maybe on Instagram. But here comes the truth:

1. Your customer will find you and your business online. This is the place where you have to make them to real Fans, who want to meet with you in person! They want to know more about you and your business because of your stunning behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories, your regularly „new decoration in my warehouse“ or „my color of the month“ posts on Facebook or they saw your beautiful designed Ad on Instagram. And besides Social Media channels…don’t underestimate GOOGLE My Business!

2. With your Social Media content, you can create authenticity and value for your potential and existing customers. You can show them: „I’m the best to work with“ „I’m the expert“. Even existing customers will follow you on your social channels and will comment or share a valuation. They will connect with you on other Social networks, f.ex. LinkedIn. There is such a huge potential for you to boost your visibility not only local. The identification of customers with local businesses on Social Media is extremely high and is growing constantly.

3. Instead of spending too much of your budget on flyers, advertisements in your local magazines, or other offline marketing activities you should consider investing some time and some budget in content for your social channels and some Facebook Ads. If you share content on Social Media in a regular and structured way you will build strong connections with your customer in the long run and create awareness for you and your Home Staging Business. Continuity is the key.

4. The combination of online & offline marketing will create such a huge synergy effect for your business! First, check out for events and exhibitions that you can join as an exhibitor. Add these events, dates, and event details to your Social Media Content. Even an „open Sunday“ event in your small town can be a perfect chance to join as an exhibitor to get in touch with private home sellers and to boost your visibility in your area. Promote your participation on your Social Media accounts – share the dates, the topics of the event, your position as an exhibitor, and „behind-the-scenes“ insight of you preparing this event.

5. Make sure that you are well prepared to meet your Social Media followers in person. You should have enough advertising material, such as business cards for your event, flyers or other small goodies (give-aways) for the visitors. 


#2 How to stay organized and get it all done

The no 1 excuse I hear from my students is…“oh I had no time to create some content“. 

Here I have some tips for you if you

  • hustle to concentrate on ONE topic
  • hustle to find a time slot to plan your content
  • hustle with interruptions


Plan your day the night before

At the end of the day, you should think about the things you need to do tomorrow. List them in your calendar. In addition, you should fix a slot of 1 or 2 hours every 2nd day for content planning. Check your calendar and list what you want to accomplish when.

This takes only a few minutes but will be KEY to boost your productivity! Make it a daily routine and it will safe you a bunch of time in the morning because you already know, what to do and where to start your day. You don’t waste your time on checking your Social profiles, or your emails first and then trying to decide what to do next with that day.

Once you plan your day the night before and you have fixed your time slots for content planning, don’t shift it! Time slot is time slot!


Eliminate distractions

There are studies out there that show that many of us are only productive for two hours a day. That means that 6 hours of a normal 8-hours working day are filled with distractions and unproductiveness such as checking Social Media and Emails, or YouTube videos.

What you can do to concentrate on your to do’s and to eliminate bad working habits is:

  1. go for one task at a time and finish it – don’t try multitasking
  2. put your mobile on airplane modus
  3. shut down your messenger
  4. close browser tabs, that you don’t really need

When you create your content start with a plan. Create a topic for each month and build Sub-Topics around this. Decide on what to post in the next 2 weeks and what to post later, but add it now to your plan. 

My tip: start with adding your local events to your content plan. This will give you a first helpful structure!


#3 Simplify and use topic categories to use again and again

Now that you are sitting in front of your sheet filled with ideas you may think…“puh, how shall this become a post ?“ 

Don’t panic! Finally, here’s my mantra….„simplify to amplify“ This is my philosophy of doing less to achieve more!

Instead of trying to write a super epic article or design the most beautiful post, concentrate on one topic at a time. Write a small article, but write it really, really well. If you prefer to design a post then choose a picture that refers to your topic and just add some notes to your post (f.ex. on Facebook)

Here are some tips to go ahead with your ideas:

  • sort your ideas into categories, such as events, expertise, daily business, „behind the scenes“…
  • now sort all of your ideas into months, such as December = category Christmas; July and August = category summer/ beach…
  • finally add fixed seasonal activities and events to your plan, such as summer festival, customer event,

This way you create a content roadmap with topics for the whole year and you can easily use this content for your social media, your blog if you have one, and even for mailings to customers. Now it is important to share your content regularly and to always alternate the categories to keep your feed interesting for visitors. Now that you’ve gone that far you can start planning your months more detailed.


Themed weeks

Themed weeks are a great way to share the same topic over several days. If you visit an exhibition such as Salone di Mobile in Milano or Maison et Objet in Paris you can create a series of posts, videos, and articles about your visit, your findings, and experiences there. If you share some of this content every second day you can fill at least 1 week with regular posts.

You can also create a kind of story about your upcoming summer event – show your followers the whole process from finding the idea for your event decoration, share the places where you buy your decoration, and finally: the result! Your decoration! Your summer event! This also works for Easter and Christmas decorations.

This strategy will serve you from procrastination especially when it comes to deciding what to post next on your social profiles.

Do you want even more Tipps for more visibility and awareness?

I have created a totally new Guide with even more tips and recommendations that I want to give you for free.

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#4 Define your goal for each content creation session

Whether it’s your weekly sports session, your shopping list, or your next customer meeting, having a goal defined makes things much easier. 

You can transfer this 1 : 1 to your content planning session. If you know exactly what you want to post about an exhibition you should use your time slot to create as much content about this topic as possible and set yourself a goal, f.ex.

„I will create three Instagram – and Facebook Posts including graphics and text to be ready on Thursday. This will be the content I will share during next week“

Whenever it feels like you’re getting overwhelmed, do not panic. Once you set the right goals it’s much easier to create your plan of action.

  • trying to keep the long-term view will help you to stay on track
  • trying to keep the long-term view is one of the best ways to work smarter not harder

#5 Share your story consequently on all your channels

Comparing your business to your competition is a bit self-sabotaging. Why? Because it keeps you focused on yourself rather than on serving your customers. So what could be your biggest competitive advantage? What makes you and your business different from others? Why did you decide to become a Home Stager?


Share your story!

Why did you decide to become a Home Stager? What is your daily routine? Your working day, as well as your private life, offers so many ideas to create content that presents you as an authentic person. There will always be people looking for your unique selling point

And this is incredibly important when it comes to figuring out how to price your services or products. Don’t compete on price! This would be a race down to the bottom. Instead over-deliver in value of your services and create a customer experience. You will realize that people line up and pay the price you want because of the value of what you offer.

So don’t focus on comparison, focus on positioning yourself and your business with authentic, exciting content so you attract the right type of customer. 


To give you some ideas…

  • show insights into your events
  • talk about your services (products)
  • share your daily routine (also how you spend your break)
  • make a short video while going through your warehouse
  • show the new deco items you have bought for your Home Staging Business

Keep in mind: Competition is irrelevant!

Do you want even more Tipps for more visibility and awareness?

I have created a totally new Guide with even more tips and recommendations that I want to give you for free.

You can download it here


#6 Useful apps to stay organized and creative

Why making your daily work harder if it can be simple? nowadays our Smartphone is our mobile office to go especially when it comes to content planning and creation. Using a few helpful apps regularly for optimizing your photos, graphics, and for videos can be so time and work-saving.

The more often you use these apps and learn about their functions, the easier and time saving they will be for you.


Here is what I use regularly!

  • for graphics: Canva (Desktop Version) and Over
  • for animations in Stories and Posts: Mojo and Pretzel
  • for Videos: Inshot and iMovie

I plan my Instagram feed with Planoly and to plan out my whole content over the year I use Trello. When I suddenly have an idea I use Evernote to fix it and work on it later.


#7 Use the feedback you get to create new ideas for content

Social Media is a perfect tool to communicate with your customers and your community. Aks If you ask for feedback you will get a lot of inspiration. Use this to create new ideas for content that you can post. F.ex. Use a short questionnaire on Facebook or Instagram Stories and let your audience vote for two different services you are planning to offer.

You should regularly ask for comments, feedback, and recommendations.

  • share the answers on all your Social Media channels
  • answer to questions in your community

The input of your customers, followers, and your community will often deliver exciting ideas for new content to create.


#8 Keep a structure - before, during and after posting your content

Now that you have planned your posts and published them on your Social Media you should not miss the associated communication and your customer service with your followers and community. I recommend to invest 15 minutes per day to check all your profiles for comments and feedback, that needs to be liked, answered, and shared. And you should also comment and give feedback to your community posts and content.

In the beginning, I wasted too much time on Instagram and other channels.

  • today I work with a timer of 15 Minutes
  • I stopped notifications on my mobile during these 15 Minutes

This way I can stay focussed and productive, without wasting a minute. It has become a ritual for me and can be a ritual for you too.

Do you want even more Tipps for more visibility and awareness?

I have created a totally new Guide with even more tips and recommendations that I want to give you for free.

You can download it here

Thanks a lot for reading!

I’m so excited, that you have given me your valuable time to read this blog post until the end.

All the best to you

XO Iris

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