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MOTTO 2021 – SHOWTIME: action, continuity & getting things done

MOTTO 2021 - SHOWTIME: action, continuity & getting things done

How do you feel about 2021?

We are already 6 days into it and it’s not too late to set your motto and your goals for this year!

It can take some time to figure it all out especially in times where things are still very uncertain.

When you visit my blog or my Facebook page you will discover a post about my review of 2020. This review was a help for me to get clear about my motto for 2021.

I had so many plans for 2020 and wanted to grow my business significantly. But some private incidents have taken a lot of energy from me, especially mental energy. In the end, I realized that I hadn’t reached the goals I wanted to reach.

Therefore my motto for 2021 is: SHOWTIME: action, continuity, and getting things done

MOTTO 2021 - SHOWTIME: action, continuity & getting things done
MOTTO 2021 - SHOWTIME: action, continuity & getting things done

What does that mean: Showtime action...

I started with my Marketing planning for this year already in October last year. To start this early is a great way to get really clear about what I want to achieve in 2021. I can do adjustments until December to have realistic planning with a focus and a detailed roadmap.

Showtime is my main Motto for 2021 because in 2020 I haven’t been very present on Social Media and I didn’t write many posts. Showtime means for me to take action to show continuity and to get the things done I’ve planned for this year.

As I couldn’t reach my goal last year, there is no way out: I WANT AND I WILL  REACH IT THIS YEAR: GROWTH AND AWARENESS


Action means for me to start filling my blog with life and I’ve just started! Ain’t this good news? 

To have a vivant Blog is essential for the visibility of your business. And in times of restrictions, it is even more important than ever before. Whether you have a Home Staging Business, or you are an Interior Designer or you have a Real Estate Business it doesn’t matter when the only way to stay connected with your customers is the internet. 

Many of us had to learn new skills and we all still have. This time is challenging and when you want your business to survive in these uncertain times you have not many alternatives. 

Another great way to stay connected with your customers is a regular Newsletter. With this in mind, I have planned to start a Newsletter in March. 


Continuity is where I failed last year. So one of my goals is to show up regularly on Social Media. This is for me Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as my Customers are in a very visual business. For this year I will concentrate on these 3 platforms. 


Continuity means for me to post my “normal” content at least once a  week. This will be something related to my Blogpost. And I have in mind to share some Marketing tips every second Monday…. it will be my “Marketing Monday Post”

MOTTO 2021 - SHOWTIME: action, continuity & getting things done

Getting things done is my commitment 2021

If you plan your marketing roadmap and fill it up with monthly To Do’s it often looks like your plan will work over the year with ease. But you have to break down your roadmap into daily ToDo’s, means into small steps. And here is the pitfall: if you have too many daily To Do’s you really quickly will feel overwhelmed and frustrated, because you can not keep your timeline.

Last year I could experience this on my own. 

My roadmap this year looks a bit more relaxed and I will do my best to stick with it.

My "Letter to you"

MOTTO 2021 - SHOWTIME: action, continuity & getting things done

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Thanks so much!

I’m so excited, that you have spent your valuable time here to read this blog post.

All the best to you

XO Iris

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