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My Mission: to help entrepreneurs in the Home Industry so they can make a living from their business

 I do this by helping them with marketing & sales coaching to start, build and accelerate their Home Industry business



This was my journey

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a creative person, passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: Fashion Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Jewelry Design, Visual Marketing, everything about digital and Social Media Marketing just to name a few.

I’m open minded and whenever I have a chance to learn something new, I take that chance. My family and my friends always told me to focus on one thing and I was worrying and really faced angst trying to find that one thing. And after several failed attempts at corporate jobs I realized, that my unusual combination of interests and skills was exactly my strength and not a liability.

Here are some of my milestones

Ready to start

I began my journey when I finished university with a designers degree and started to work in the Fashion business as a sales agent. I remember very well my first meeting with a potential customer. After that appointment I knew that I was a complete Newbie and had to learn soooo much about sales and selling. 

Sales experience

That was the time, when I had some years and a lot of sales experience behind me in the high fashion industry. Now I had a leading position as a Head of Sales in a company, that created kids collections for wholesale chain stores. A completely different way of selling, but a new and exciting experience


In past few years I could establish a more creative way to work and combined my sales skills with visual marketing. So in 2009 I was Head of Visual Marketing and Head of Trade Marketing at a well-known German Porcelain Company.  For me as a Fashion specialist it was a totally new industry. It was really a flashing challenge for me and brought me so incredible new insights into sales and marketing.

Next level

2011 I gave up the security of a 9 – 7 and found my own business as a consultant for sales & marketing for brands and retail chain stores. My clients are all lifestyle brands, such as Nespresso, Rosenthal, some Fashion brands and some Real Estate brands. I develop store concepts, visual marketing concepts, interior concepts and many more for them. In 2014 I also startet a Home Staging business, as for me it was a perfect addition.


In 2019 I had my Home Staging Business since 5 years and I had staged so many houses and homes, I cannot count how many. I knew, that my experience from last about 20 years in leading positions in marketing & sales have been a huge advantage to make my Home Staging Business so successful. But than I had some serious health problems and finally I had to stop with Home Staging. I felt so bad telling my clients, that I cannot do this job any more. And I also asked myself, what to do next?


In these painful months in 2019 some of my friends came to me asking if I can help them with their marketing, or if I have some ideas how they can increase their sales results. And ? bang ? a new idea was born! I started „Stylificent“ (Style & Magnificent) – a Marketing & Sales Coaching and Consulting Agency, specialized on Home Staging Business. I want to help other Home Stagers to create a successful and profitable business that enables them to live the life of their dreams.


Hi, my name is Iris

In 2019 I started my dream business: a Marketing & Sales Studio specialized in the Home Industry Business. A full-service, results-driven marketing studio. My passion is, to help entrepreneurs in the Home Industry to sell their services, get clients, and grow their business. And I offer different ways to work with me

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What happens, if you work with me!

I’m here to serve. And I’m here to make a difference through my free content, my online training programs and anything else I might be offering here. I’m committed to help you create a business that you truly love and enable you to reach the highest level of your creative potential.


Learn how to sell Home Staging


Learn how to get Home Staging clients


Learn how to create your profitable Home Staging business


Learn how to create the perfekt Marketing strategy for your business


Learn how to start and scale your Home Staging business to the highest level of your potential


Realize that you can make a great career with a Home Staging business and my tailored-for-you online training programs


Create & grow your amazing business today.

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